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Don't be fooled by the white-sand beaches and sunny days: Belize is not Club Med. The country's small size means it's possible to explore subtropical jungles, teeming reefs — including the world's second largest — and cool mountain ecosystems, all in the space of a few days. From the luxurious Villas at Cocoplum, your access to adventure in Belize is vast and easy.

Belize Activities

Go back in time to discover ancient Mayan worlds, dive through colorful undersea utopias, experience the future of conservation as you follow the nighttime tracks of a hidden jaguar or gain a different view by exploring the canopy in our rainforest. Whatever your passion, you'll find activities in Belize to match it. For the athletic, the pioneering, the adventurous, no matter what age or skill level, life against the Placencia beach is a base camp, spectacular by nature.

The adventures in Belize are as diverse as they are stunning. Outings available include:

  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Sailing/Boating
  • Cultural Events
  • Mayan Ruins/Historical Tours
  • Fishing
  • Zipline/Tropical Jungles
  • Spelunking/Cave Exploration
  • Eco-Tours
  • Windsurfing/Sea Kayaking
  • Bird Watching
  • Jaguar Preserve/National Parks
  • The Barrier Reef
  • Biking/Hiking
  • The Rain Forest
  • Beaches
  • Whale Watching
  • Dining/Shopping

Placencia beach continues to build a worldwide reputation for salt water fly fishing, providing the unique opportunity for fishermen to land a wily snook, tarpon or bonefish.

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Sailing, Boating, Cultural Events, Mayan Ruins, Historical Tours, Fishing, Zipline, Tropical Jungles, Spelunking, Cave Exploration, Eco-Tours, Windsurfing, Sea Kayaking, Bird Watching, Jaguar Preserve, National Parks, The Barrier Reef, Biking, Hiking, The Rain Forest, Beaches, Whale Watching, Dining Photos of Belize The eastern side of the Placencia Peninsula is a long expanse of white sand beach; the western side is bounded by a long narrow north-south trending bay of the Caribbean Sea. A significant settlement on the peninsula is the Garifuna village of Seine Bight. Placencia Lagoon, with manatees, dolphins, rays (the Lagoon is a nursery for some species of rays), mangrove forests, birding by canoe or kayak, fishing (juvenile tarpon, snook, barracuda), wetlands and sea grass beds. The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is a nature reserve in south-central Belize established to protect the forests, fauna and watersheds of an approximately 400 square kilometre area of the eastern slopes of the Maya Mountains. The reserve was founded in 1990.

Belize Adventure Center

Fish, Snorkel, Sail, Kayak, Wind Surf in Belize

Adventure-seekers looking for exotic getaways need not look further!

Belize offers everything under the sun, including an extensive variety of water activities, jungle excursions, adrenaline sports, Maya ruin exploration, and even a slew of relaxation options. Come down to Belize and play!

The world's largest Jaguar Preserve

The Villas at Cocoplum will be the ideal starting point for any adventure. A full-time, on-site Adventure Coordinator will arrange any outing you desire. We prefer to utilize the local guides in Placencia for fishing, diving, hiking, jungle excursions, etc., in order to provide job opportunities for the local entrepreneurs and bolster the economy. Furthermore, these are the exact people who know where the fish bite! Discounted rates with local guides and dive shops will be passed down to all clients at The Villas at Cocoplum. Our 200-foot wharf into the Caribbean offers an ideal pickup location for any water activities, so there's no need to drive into town. Simply have the guides or dive boats pick you up here at The Villas at Cocoplum.

Our central location on the Placencia Peninsula also guarantees quick access to the jungle and Maya ruins--a great opportunity to sleep in a few more minutes or enjoy that second cup of fresh Belizean coffee. Have your own boat? No problem. Simply utilize The world's 2nd largest barrier reef - a perfect haven for diversthe private Cocoplum Marina just a few minutes away. The Villas at Cocoplum will also be providing its guest and clients free adventure equipment such as mountain bikes, sea kayaks, volleyball, horseshoes, and bocce ball.

The Villas at Cocoplum creates a destination surrounded by adventure and excitement. You let us know your desires and we will arrange it! Off you go! Just make sure you send us some photos!

Scuba Diving - The world's second-largest Barrier Reef is right at your doorstep. Three of the only four atolls in the Western Hemisphere await your exploration, as do the hundreds of tiny nearby islands. Dive with turtles, manta rays -- even the magnificent whale shark -- off the coast of Placencia.

Snorkeling - No need to Scuba dive to enjoy the underwater world of Belize. Many of the cays (island) in close proximity to Placencia offer incredible snorkeling in just a few feet of water.

sea kayakingSea kayaking in Placencia, BelizeSea kayaking - Belize is one of the premier sea kayaking destinations in the world. Slick Rock Adventures ( calls Belize their second home. Enjoy day outings into the crystal clear Caribbean or explore the calm lagoon behind Placencia where you may spot a Manatee. For those more adventurous, plan a multi-day sea kayaking adventure between the closely spaced tranquil islands just off of Placencia. Snorkel right off your kayak!

open water ocean sailing in crystal clear watersSailing - Sailing conditions are amazing! No wonder The Moorings decided to call Placencia their base in Belize. Calm, crystal clear waters, accompanied by a steady breeze makes this an ideal place for sailing. Come explore the hundreds of uninhabited islands and be Robinson Crusoe for a while. Placencia offers excellent protective harbors.

Wind Surfing & Kite Surfing - An as-yet-untapped sport in Placencia, the calm waters and steady trade winds create an ideal environment for wind surfing and kite surfing. New outfitters are just starting to set up shop and offer instructions.

a fisherman's paradise for fly fishermen - bonefish and tarponFishing in Placencia - Fly-fishing, trolling, deep sea or spin casting. It's all here and in abundance! The flats surrounding Placencia are rapidly becoming world famous for the spectacular fly-fishing. One of the few place where catching a Grand Slam (permit, tarpon and bonefish in one day) is possible.

Jungle excursions -- The dense mystifying jungle is just a short drive from Placencia. The Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve offers marked trails amongst unique plants and animals, thrilling waterfalls and magnificent scenery. 112,00 fully protected acres!

caving & exploring using professional guidesCaving in Belize - Belize has evolved into an international caving (spelunking) destination. Hire a guide and explore magnificent caves just recently discovered. Tubing through unique underground rivers is a specialty of Belize.

White water rafting - Fast-moving runoff waters from the mountains of Belize create some very exciting river rafting. Come discover the Belize River, the Macaw River, the Mopan, and the Caves Branch River (offering an underground adventure with some five miles running through a cave system).

Ancient Mayan RuinsAncient Mayan Ruins in Belize - Take advantage of the daily guided trips available to ancient Mayan ruins. Hike, explore and discover. Lubaantun is the closest ruin and makes for an excellent day trip. The magnificent ruins of Tihal in Guatemala are also accessible for day trips.

Bike Riding (Racing) - Mountain bikes are a great way to explore the Peninsula. For those more into the "real deal," Belize offers several pro-attended road races. The annual Holly Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic takes place on Easter weekend and is a 144-mile challenge from Belize City to San Ignacio and back. International Pro Racers including various Tour de France participants tackle this event every year. At least one major road race takes place in Belize. WOW! Off-road racers are also challenged. The Temple to Temple Race, for instance, is a world-class mountain biking endurance event spanning seven days and 750 kilometers. The inaugural event kicked off in 2005, crisscrossing Belize and finishing in Placencia. Plenty of activities even for those of the hardcore persuasion!

Plenty of Things to do in BelizeBird watching in Placencia - Belize is home to 566 species of biological diversity. Try to spot the beautiful toucan (Belize's national bird), a parrot, or even a massive macaw.

Hiking - The possibilities are endless. Stroll along the peaceful beach during an amazing Caribbean sunset. Or go explore the jungle and hike through one of the many national parks or preserves all within a two-hour drive of Placencia. Placencia is an excellent starting point for tackling Victoria Peak -- Belize's highest peak.

Relaxing - Sure, this can be an adventure as well. Go out one morning in search of the perfect hammock spot, shade-producing palm tree, energetic bar or tranquil infinity pool. The day belongs to you! There are plenty of things to do in Belize!


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"I've swum in the waters of half a dozen Caribbean islands, but never before have I seen such a vast array of marine life in one place. Rainbow parrot fish and yellow tail snappers, blue-spotted damsels and striped sergeant majors, four-foot nurse sharks and playful stingrays - I feel like an extra in a Discovery Channel special. In Belize, you're speechless a lot. Get used to it."

-KC Summers, Washington Post

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Belize luxury real estate finds its definition in the Villas at Cocoplum. These 36 extravagant villas within a 224-acre master-planned community offer tropical landscapes, a full mile of Caribbean beachfront and an available, on-site concierge and adventure coordinator to direct you to the perfect Belize adventures for you and your family.