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Belize Beachfront Real Estate TODAY

The developer for the Villas at Cocoplum has completed 12 villas. Not in 2 years. Not in 18 months, but TODAY. Come see the last 4 units available.

Be in your Beachfront Villa the next time you visit.

Too many other condo projects are offering fancy websites, colorful drawings and hopeful promises of what you will receive once they raise enough money to start construction. You don't even know when and if the developer will elect to finish construction on your home. We believe in walking the walk so have already completed the initial offering of 12 villas, the spectacular beach-front pool and hot tub, pier & pier bar, landscaping and other amenities ready to be enjoyed by you and your family. We have eliminated your waiting time and the questions. We encourage you to contact our sales team and arrange for a discounted stay at The Villas at Cocoplum so you can truly experience this amazing home away from home. If you stay with us and buy a unit within 3 months of your stay, we will refund the cost of your stay at closing.

Maximize your Investment in Belize

With this unique Central America investment, sooner trumps later. The initial 12 Villas at Cocoplum come with a list of incentives and exclusive pricing that you will definitely want to consider. We are currently offering pricing discounts for the purchase of the 4 remaining units in Building #2.

Contact our sales team now to learn more about maximizing your investment with our special Insiders' Program. And start planning your next vacation at your distinct, new Belize beach villa at the Villas at Cocoplum.

Buying Belize beachfront real estate has never been easier - or smarter. With no capital gain taxes, no income tax, no restrictions on foreign ownership and a growing tourism market, your investment is simplified and virtually guaranteed to grow in value. Direct flights to Belize from Cancun are scheduled to commence in the next few months so check your airline for quick, easy and affordable flights to Belize via Cancun. Furthermore, Belize's 2nd international airport has already broken ground in Placencia and will be located just 20 minutes from your door step. It's a great time to purchase your new home!

How to Buy in Belize

The Belize beach villas offered by the Villas at Cocoplum meet all the criteria of the Alien Landholding Act, making them available for full ownership and a fee simple title. Learn more about buying beachfront real estate at the Villas at Cocoplum.


Choose your own adventure

"I've swum in the waters of half a dozen Caribbean islands, but never before have I seen such a vast array of marine life in one place. Rainbow parrot fish and yellow tail snappers, blue-spotted damsels and striped sergeant majors, four-foot nurse sharks and playful stingrays - I feel like an extra in a Discovery Channel special. In Belize, you're speechless a lot. Get used to it."

-KC Summers, Washington Post

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Belize luxury real estate finds its definition in the Villas at Cocoplum. These 36 extravagant villas within a 224-acre master-planned community offer tropical landscapes, a full mile of Caribbean beachfront and an available, on-site concierge and adventure coordinator to direct you to the perfect Belize adventures for you and your family.