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A World Apart, with Direct Access . . . Belize

Belize is situated on the Caribbean Sea, south of Mexico and east and north of Guatemala in Central America. In area, Belize is about the size of New Hampshire. Approximately 9,000 square miles, it is bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and south and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Belize has the second-largest barrier reef in the world (165 miles long). The land is flat at the coast and rises to 3,600 feet inland at the height of the Maya Mountains. Jungle and rain forest cover the central and southern regions with predominatly dry savannah, Caribbean pine forests and extensive wetlands in the north and west.

Cities with flights to Belize include Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., Toronto and New Orleans. Others prefer to fly into Cancun as savings on airfare can be significant. From Europe, some fly into Guatemala City and then trtansfer to Belize.

From Belize City, the trip is a short 35-minute flight to Placencia Airport and a scenic 15-minute drive to the Villas at Cocoplum. Or, you can take the beautiful 3-hour drive from Belize City.

Belize is closer than you think...
Here is a listing of flight times to Belize from popular cities.

  • Miami - 2 hours to Belize
  • Houston - 2.5 hours to Belize
  • Atlanta - 3 hours to Belize
  • Dallas - 3 hours to Belize
  • New York - 5 hours to Belize
  • Toronto - 5.5 hours to Belize
  • Los Angeles - 5.5 hours to Belize with a new direct flight on Delta coming soon
  • Vancouver - 7 hours to Belize via Houston
  • London - 5.5 hours to Belize

The Villas of Cocoplum - Belize

Explore the ancient Mayan Ruins in Belize from The Villas at Cocoplum - Placencia, Belize. History surrounds this region, with artifacts and settlements dating back thousands of years. Explore the areas of the world's earliest Civilizations in the Western Hemisphere Caribbean Lifestyle in Belize - Kayaking in the Ocean, Caving, Belize Jaguar Preserve, scuba diving, cave tubing, jungle adventures - The Villas at Cocoplum - Placencia, Belize Belize offers a wealth of adventures - treks through the rain forests and Jungle preserves. Nowhere on earth is there a more exciting and welcoming interaction with nature! Belize also offers a wide variety of adventures for the seafaring. Sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing in the beautiful waters off the coast of Belize are just some of the wonderful opportunities that await you as you purchase your vacation home or retirement home in the lovely Villas at Cocoplum. Regardless of your passions, we have an outlet for you! The world's second-largest coral reef is just off the coast of Belize- well within reach for the avid scuba divers.

Live Where You Love to Play — Belize

Imagine the best of Costa Rica and the Caribbean combined: Belize - a place of incredible natural beauty and diversity, surrounded by an endless array of flora, fauna, fish and the world's second largest barrier reef. Belize luxury real estate is nestled within exotic rainforests, pristine beaches and ancient Mayan ruins: a paradise for the adventurous.

Belize Beachfront Real Estate at the Villas at Cocoplum
is some of the finest Caribbean beachfront property available. To the south, along the breathtaking Placencia Peninsula, you'll discover the world's most exciting new playground by the sea: the Villas at Cocoplum - Belize. Here you'll also find the greatest values in Belize luxury real estate ownership opportunities and proximity to bold, colorful activities.

Activities in Belize
Invest in Belize beachfront real estate and position yourself for adventure. Belize activities available right outside the doorstep of the Villas at Cocoplum range from Mayan ruin explorations, to scuba diving through schools of unusual, colorful fish, to watching whales skim the surface of the cool waters.

Diverse Cultures Living in Harmony

Belize has a rich history beginning in 17th century with the ancient Maya. Also in the 17th century Spain settlers explored the country. Over the years, it survived war, piracy and slavery until being declared a British colony - British Honduras - in 1871. It gained self-government in 1964, chose the name Belize in 1973 and became an independent member of the British Commonwealth in 1981.

Today you'll find a cultural mosaic in Belize - ancient Maya people, Spanish and British, African, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese and Indian influences - and the result is a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds living in harmony.

The official language of Belize is English, and unlike many other countries in Central America, Belize has a relatively modernized infrastructure with safe food and clean drinking water. Looking towards the future, Belizeans recognize the incomparable value of their abundant wildlife, rainforests and coral reefs and in the last decade have moved to protect over 40% of the country with marine reserves, parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

  • Belize became an independent country in 1981
  • The Belize Dollar has a fixed rate of $2BZ=$1US
  • US currency and traveler's checks in US currency are widely accepted in Belize.
  • Credit cards can be used in most tourist destinations in Belize
  • Belize Same electricity voltage and plugs as in the US
  • Belize is located within the Central Time Zone and does not observe daylight savings time.
  • Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America

Embracing Opportunities and Responsibilities

Belize is a member of the British Commonwealth, with a stable democratic government established along the model of the British parliamentary system. Belize is divided into six districts, with each district electing members to the House of Representatives.

With a commitment to open and prudent government, the Belize administration, under the command of Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow, leads a mission of national reconstruction, realizing the limitless possibilities that reside in a people glowing with potential and a nation blessed with wealth.

The new Belize administration, having embraced their opportunities and responsibilities, and empowered by the collective will and optimism of the people of Belize, is strengthened by the confidence and goodwill of their international partners in develolpment and believes their nation will endure, prosper, and attain its fullest potential, notwithstanding the enormous domestic and global challenges of these times.

So, in the words of Belize Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow, as proclaimed in his inaugural address at the footsteps of the National Assembly in Belmopan, "Let the work (of national reconstruction) begin!"


Warm and Tropical
with Evening Trade Winds

The temperature in Belize is a major attraction for many from the United States, Canada and throughout Europe. Depending on your itinerary for the day's adventures — you will find cooler temperatures in the mountains of Belize and more humidity near the rain forests — you can be sure that the warm temperatures, tropical weather and natural beauty won't disappoint you. Even during Belize's winter months, the temperature drops no lower than 60 degrees and our water temperature also stays warm, only varying between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.

Month Average Daily
High Temperature
Average Daily
Low Temperature
Average Monthly
Percipitation (inches)
January 79.6 69.9 4.54
February 80.5 71.1 2.45
March 83.0 73.8 2.04
April 85.0 76.0 3.19
May 87.2 78.6 4.15
June 86.6 78.8 8.82
July 86.3 78.6 8.48
August 86.4 78.3 6.81
September 85.9 77.4 9.61
October 84.3 75.3 9.66
November 82.4 73.1 7.3
December 80.3 70.7 6.57


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these whole ownership purchases? Is it fee simple?
2. How difficult is it for a foreigner to purchaser real estate in Belize?
3. What should I expect to pay for capital gains tax when I sell?
4. Is there a rental program? If so how does it work?
5. May I sell my property at any time?
6. What is it like to live in Belize? Are they friendly to foreigners? What language is spoken?
7. Is there financing available?
8. What type of insurance will I need?
9. Are the villas available now or is this a pre-development offering?
10. Are there any incentives available?
11. How do the prices in Belize compare to other Caribbean destinations?
12. Is Belize family-friendly?
13. Will the villas be furnished?
14. Will we have access to everything at the Cocoplum resort?

1. Are these whole ownership purchases? Is it fee simple?

Yes, the Villas at Cocoplum are whole ownership purchases and it is a fee simple transaction. As an owner of real estate in Belize you will hold full deed and title.

2. How difficult is it for a foreigner to purchaser real estate in Belize?

There are no restrictions on foreigners buying real estate in Belize. In fact you’ll find the process to be as simple as purchasing in the US or Canada.

3. What should I expect to pay for capital gains tax when I sell?

Zero. There are no capital gains taxes for selling real estate in Belize.

4. Is there a rental program? If so how does it work?

Yes. The Villas at Cocoplum offers a rental program where you will receive 50% of the net revenues. Other high-end resort communities in Placencia, Belize are enjoying exceptional occupancy rates and we anticipate the Villas at Cocoplum will also be a very attractive rental program in Belize.

5. May I sell my property at any time?

Yes, there are no restrictions on the resale of your Villa.

6. What is it like to live in Belize? Are they friendly to foreigners? What language is spoken?

Belize is perhaps one of the friendliest and most open destinations you could find. The official language is English. They have a fixed exchange rate of $2Bz to $1 US. Belize uses the same outlets and voltage as in the US. Belize is part of the British Commonwealth and has a stable government who has made a very visible commitment to tourism and development.

7. Is there financing available?

There are a number of avenues you can take with financing. You can elect to have a conforming loan or a non-conforming loan; however, generally speaking most lenders require that you invest a 30% deposit toward the property before the loan. Some elect to take out a home equity line of credit on other properties they own in North America.

8. What type of insurance will I need?

You should plan to have insurance on the personal property contents of your condominium such as furniture. The structure of the building and your condominium is insured through the home owners association’s group insurance policy. There is title insurance available yet it is rarely utilized since a complete title search is conducted and then the government of Belize actually signs and issues your clear and free title.

9. Are the villas available now or is this a pre-development offering?

Both! We have completed units available for purchase and we are accepting contracts on pre-construction units.

10. Are there any incentives available?

Yes, we are offering special incentives for those who purchase in the completed building #2 called the "Insiders" incentive. For more details on this incentive, contact a sales representative.

11. How do the prices in Belize compare to other Caribbean destinations?

As Belize is an emerging destination, you’ll find the prices here to be very competitive with the rest of Central America and the Caribbean. And within the Placencia area, the Villas at Cocoplum are also very competitively priced. A 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom villa on the beach, with amenities, services and a rental program, in the high $300s. That’s what we call paradise!

12. Is Belize family-friendly?

Belize is one of the most family friendly destinations you can imagine. Begin with the fact that its official language is English so everyone in your family will be comfortable with communications. And then consider the unbelievable array of activities. Belize has Rainforests, waterfalls, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, sea kayaking. The list is endless and you’ll find the appropriate level for everyone in your family.

Belize is beyond family-friendly. In fact with the lifestyle you’ll enjoy here, you’ll find yourself reconnecting with your family and friends in a way that is beyond your imagination.

13. Will the villas be furnished?

We offer both furnished and unfurnished units to suit your style and taste. The furnished units combine local materials and craftsmanship with high quality appliances and finishes.

14. Will we have access to everything at the Cocoplum resort?

The planned Cocoplum resort is a master-planned, 224-acre resort development. Planned are 110 distinct home sites, marina, a boutique resort hotel and spa, an on-site national park, helipad and acres of pristine beachfront and tropical reserves. The entire Cocoplum resort development will be like no other oceanfront community in Belize. Considerable time, effort and money have been invested to assure this community remains exclusive with a secured entrance, environmentally friendly, and most importantly a comfortable place to call home - all in Belize.

Owners at the Villas at Cocoplum will have access to all of the amenities and services available at the master-planned development. While some components may require additional fees, you will enjoy the benefits of living within the most complete community in Belize.

The national tree of Belize is the mahogany tree. British settlers exploited the Belizean forest for mahogany, beginning around the middle of the 17th century. It was originally exported to the United Kingdom in the form of squared logs, but shipments now consist mainly of sawn lumber. The motto "Sub Umbra Florero" means: Under the shade (of the mahogany tree) I flourish. Belize's national animal is the Baird's Tapir (Tapirus bairdii), the largest land mammal of the American tropics. It is also known as the mountain cow, although it is actually related to the horse and the rhinoceros. It is protected under the law. For information about belize property, Placencia,belize condo, belize villas, belize condos, beach property, belieze visit the Villas at Cocoplum, your source for the finest Caribbean Villas Get more information about Belize condo, Belize Property by visiting Wikipedia and other online sources. Your beach property awaits here at the Villas at Cocoplum. Come to Placencia, Belieze, where you can live where you play Live where you play, Luxury Belize Condo Live where you play, Right here in Placencia, Belieze, where you can own the beach property of your dreams. Live where you play, Right here in Placencia, Belize. Placencia, Belize, A place of relaxation and fulfillment. The eastern side of the Placencia Peninsula is a long expanse of white sand beach; the western side is bounded by a long narrow north-south trending bay of the Caribbean Sea. A significant settlement on the peninsula is the Garifuna village of Seine Bight. Placencia Lagoon, with manatees, dolphins, rays (the Lagoon is a nursery for some species of rays), mangrove forests, birding by canoe or kayak, fishing (juvenile tarpon, snook, barracuda), wetlands and sea grass beds. The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is a nature reserve in south-central Belize established to protect the forests, fauna and watersheds of an approximately 400 square kilometre area of the eastern slopes of the Maya Mountains. The reserve was founded in 1990 as the first wilderness sanctuary for the jaguar and is regarded by one author as the premier site for jaguar preservation in the world. It is only a day away from Placencia Stann Creek District is a district in the south east region of Belize. According to the 2000 census, the district had a population of 26,665 people. Its capital is the city of Dangriga, formerly known as "Stann Creek Town." Stann comes from "stanns," or safe havens used by colonialists coming from the "old world" to the "new world." A combination of natural factors�climate, the Belize Barrier Reef (longest in the Western Hemisphere), 127 offshore Cayes (islands), excellent fishing, safe waters for boating, scuba diving, and snorkeling, numerous rivers for rafting, and kayaking, various jungle and wildlife reserves of fauna and flora, for hiking, bird watching, and helicopter touring, as well as many Maya ruins�support the thriving tourism and ecotourism industry. For more information about Belize, Placencia, Belize, or the Villas at Cocoplum, contact us directly. We are happy to share our love of Belize and Belize real estate with you. Visit us in Belize, or contact us in the U.S. to schedule your future Belize adventure!
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"I've swum in the waters of half a dozen Caribbean islands, but never before have I seen such a vast array of marine life in one place. Rainbow parrot fish and yellow tail snappers, blue-spotted damsels and striped sergeant majors, four-foot nurse sharks and playful stingrays - I feel like an extra in a Discovery Channel special. In Belize, you're speechless a lot. Get used to it."

-KC Summers, Washington Post

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Belize luxury real estate finds its definition in the Villas at Cocoplum. These 36 extravagant villas within a 224-acre master-planned community offer tropical landscapes, a full mile of Caribbean beachfront and an available, on-site concierge and adventure coordinator to direct you to the perfect Belize adventures for you and your family.